About the Founder

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Ever since college I knew I wanted to do something different in my career.

But what? I simply had no clue.

All I knew was that it had to be exciting, have a strong mission, vision, and ultimately enhance lives.

This aimless burning desire in conjunction with my obsession for food and fitness directed me down a path I'm grateful was paved.

Raised in a traditional Italian household, we frequently ate together as a family.

The food was always grown or made from scratch. We could always rely on the consistency and quality of the clean ingredients. It was a beautiful thing, having the peace of mind and being around loved ones was incredibly comforting.

Having confidence that our meals came from a clean source (my Nonna's garden) gave our family the confidence to say "Buon Appetito!" every meal.

Clean nutrition will always be at the pinnacle of my being and feeling good is simply a byproduct of clean eating. It wasn't until my experience with a fortune 500 company, the one that gave me the jumpstart I needed to create something exciting that would forever disrupt the way we look at "nutrition" bars.

I graduated from Michigan State with a packaging degree and right out of the gate was given an opportunity to lead a breakthrough new innovation at Kellogg. The experience was invaluable, I got to work cross-functionally with product developers and food scientists to bring this product to life from start to finish. I led the design of the bowl and lid of the product. I attended every team meeting, the launch and ultimately got to see the product on store shelves.

As much as I cherished the experience of helping commercialize a product, I was so siloed into delivering the packaging that I was completely unaware of the ingredient profile of the food I helped bring to market. Upsetting yet justifiable, the bottom line had to be protected. What's the easiest way to cut cost in consumer product goods?


Economies of scale on syrups, palm oils, sugar, and additives in general are substantial.

Food culture is as WOKE as it's ever been. For the first time we're becoming aware of the repercussions and side effects of these sub-par ingredients.

Imagine if there was a product that made you truly feel great, had a 100% clean label, tasted amazing, and served a functional benefit?

The holistic experience of launching a brand at Kellogg inspired me to create a new brand.

The Feel Bar was born.