Recipe to 24/7 Happiness

Do you ever wonder how some people have an unreasonable aura of positive energy and how comforting and uplifting it was to be in their presence?

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with most. You play a role in that average!

Setting Clear Intentions

Those familiar with the law of attraction understand happiness is entirely manifested from within. So let's make this easy, grab a pen, a sturdy notecard, and let's manifest the best future you can possibly conceive.

Setting aside all judgement and anxiety, envision yourself in pure bliss and happiness. Being with quality friends, thriving in your career, and possibly mastering your favorite hobby. Engulf yourself with this feeling of complete abundance.

  1. Create a personal symbol at the top of the page for committing the following intentions to memory so your subconscious will automatically recognize and mirror the powerful state of mind you're about to put yourself in.

  2. Write your top 5 intentions and be specific. i.e. Owning my own nutrition bar business with 50 passionate team members and working from anywhere in the world.

  3. Alongside these intentions in an adjacent column, write how you're going to feel when it happens. i.e. I will feel flooded with unwavering passion and persistence knowing that I have an opportunity to enhance peoples lives through clean nutrition.

Revisit this notecard when you're feeling low energy, it will surely uplift your spirits to embrace each day as if it were the best day of your life.

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