Remarkable Benefits of Mindful Eating

Did you know the American diet only utilizes 2% of the available food today?

There is no question our diverse food supply is infinitely abundant, so why do we continue to eat the same foods? Simple.


Many of us are hard wired to wolf down breakfast so we can make it to work in time.

Some of us routinely eat lunch while watching YouTube, TikTok, or browsing Instagram to maximize our attention while we robotically consume our meal.

Meanwhile, our stomachs are accepting and digesting food, yet our minds are completely disconnected.

When we take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the healthful food we're about to consume, our brains are being primed to receive the nourishment.

You may be thinking: This sounds calming but it doesn't fundamentally add value to my life... on the contrary.

Studies show that routine mindful eating can actually boost our wellbeing through improved dopamine responsiveness. Much like a sponge drained of it's fluids, it is now receptive to new fluid.

Food choice is critical when it comes to mindful eating. I make the conscious choice to eat clean and raw ingredients that are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and nut free because I find it helps eliminate any brain fog enabling me to think clear and feel better. Consider your daily protein intake (plant protein), clean and complex carbohydrates, omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins/minerals, and essential amino acids. Shopping for function and nutrition (mindful shopping) is the necessary precursor to mindful eating. However, I also value convenience, so I included a link below for a clean nutrition bar I highly recommend.

Here is a method of mindful eating I've found to be highly effective:

  1. Sit somewhere comfortably in a posture that feels relaxed and awake with a tall spine.

  2. Drop your shoulders and relax the tension in your face muscles.

  3. Take 5 deep breaths, inward through the nose, outward through the mouth (slow release), shape your lips so a small pin hole of air is being released.

  4. Acknowledge the food in front of you and consider the amount of energy and work that have gone into it's creation.

  5. Take a moment to understand how the food in front of you will be nourishing your body and mind.

  6. Finally, think of what can be done with the energy provided from the food that will accelerate your daily goals and ambitions.

Your brain is now primed to internalize information more effectively, your thinking will be clearer, and you will have a higher degree of focus toward your decision making. The true value from this enhanced state of mind is higher productivity which naturally yields a stronger dopamine release and improved wellbeing.