Letting Go of Stress Hormones

We're all familiar with the downward spiral of stress. Letting our emotional trauma of the past dictate the quality of our present life is quite literally the kiss of death.

In the book, Becoming Supernatural by: Dr. Joe Dispenza, there is a story of a psychotherapist, Anna, who is faced with tragic news of her husband jumping off the tallest building in the city of Amsterdam after an alleged financial loss. The intensity of this news coursed through Anna's neural pathways to the degree of disrepair. The hormones of stress had taken over, hyperventilating and in panic, she was "living in survival mode".

Scientifically, this state of mind (survival mode) mobilizes the empathetic nervous system to expend enormous amounts of energy. Pupils dilate for improved vision, heart rate increases along with blood pressure, and glucose is released for readily available energy. Of course, being in this prolonged state of mind "the downward spiral" has severe consequences.

In Anna's case, she faced an uncontrollable state of impending doom for years until she literally gave herself an autoimmune disease where her body attacked her own internal organs putting her through sever physical trauma.

Recognizing the negative "rumination roundabout" and getting off at the nearest exit is the most effective path to healthy living. I'm going to share some proven techniques and coping mechanisms to help you reframe and feel gratitude toward any past experienced trauma.

  1. Feel the emotion tied to the event associated with the trauma.

  2. Internalize where and how this emotion has manifested over the course of time, now disassociate yourself from this emotion and view it for what it is objectively.

  3. Reframe this experience in a way that you can learn and feel gratitude from it.

  4. Finally, repeat this reframed affirmation regularly until you've convinced your subconscious to adopt this paradigm shift.

i.e. I feel empowered from the loss of my loved one because my gratitude for life has been amplified and will continue to echo for decades to come while I will live every day as if it were my last.

In loving memory of my cousin, Dominic Duhn

Imagine your brain is like a hill of snow, and thoughts are like marbles rolling down the hill creating grooves. The more powerful the thought, the deeper the groove. Routinely reframing and repeating these affirmations will create deeper grooves in the brain so when that marble (negative thought) wants to roll down the path of rumination, your brain has already created deeper groove for this thought to be redirected toward a healthier neural pathway.