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Are you an influencer who has a passion for creating fabulous content? Do you love Feel Bars? Clean snacking isn't just for vegans, we believe it is for everyone! Do you share our brand values? We’d love to collab with you...

Some Perks:

  • Competitive commission structure
  • Unlimited products
  • Unique discount code
  • Invitation to events
  • Creative freedom
  • Personal relationship with the brand
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My name is Tara and I’m a massive foodie! I feel in love with these bars after finding out how genuinely great they are for my body. My holistic practitioner approves so i've been apart of the Feel Fam since they started! I'm always excited to get bars in the mail since I'm thrilled to post about them anyway 😊

I like to work with companies that align with my vision for clean eating. Especially with tasty snacks that I personally endorse or that could benefit my audience. Their protein bars have been my favorite for a long time, and I love that their allergy restrictive. I’m super excited to be working with Feel Bars!


My name is Sam and i'm a health influencer and dietician! I have a super loyal following of health seekers and people who want nothing but clean eats!

I'm seriously so excited to be apart of the Feel Bar ambassadorship program, they treat me so well ❤️

These are literally all I eat when i'm out and about, they are the perfect pick me up and NEVER give me a stomach ache. There isn't another bar i'd rep, i'm loyal to the Feel Fam!


My name is Molly and i'm an undergrad student. Since I discovered Feel Bars on Amazon I immediately got my parents hooked. I waited months to see if the cravings would go away and they WOULDN'T 😂

So I reached out and they gave me awesome benefits like an affiliate link, discount code, free product and they even invited me to some fun events! It's so cool being apart of their team. Love love love what they are doing and I'm happy to share the bars to my fan base because I know i'm improving lives one bar at a time!