Fuel Your Mood

The Feel Bar is a holistic inspired wellness bar designed to elevate your mood 😌

Our bars are intentionally crafted with clean and active ingredients to drive purpose

We use superfoods and adaptogens to deliver a deliciously mindful bar you can devour guilt free!

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Happiness starts with feeling good

We've made it easy..

Our superfood blend, including medjool dates, pea protein, coconut nectar, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds are mindfully crafted to leave your mind at ease and stomach pleased

Don't Settle


Feel Better

100% Clean

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feel all the feels

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- fans with all the feels -

Finally a healthy snack that tastes bomb. I love the ingredient profile and I feel great after having one.

Jared S.

Best tasting and cleanest bar I could find locally, they go perfect with coffee or juice. No sugar rush, brain fog, or stomach ache, it's reliably delicious.

Andrew F.

My Rx bar binge is over. 

Thank you for the feels.

Peter R.

The Revitalize bar is my breakfast go to and i'm not upset about it

Christy G.

These are my favorite post workout snack.. thank you!! 

Elena G.

Having these refrigerated is definitely an afternoon treat, except there's no added sugar so I don't feel guilty eating 3/day.

Hailey C.

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