Feel Better

Other Bars Have Flavors - Ours Have Feelings

Feel Bars are mindfully crafted to fuel your mind, body and mood. We unite clean ingredients with functional benefits so you can feel the difference.

Feel Recovered

Tumeric is packed with antioxidants that fight inflammation. By adding black pepper, we increase Turmeric's bioavailability thus enhancing it's fatigue fighting benefits.

The recovery bar is powered by this antioxidant powerhouse so you can support your immunity.

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Feel Empowered

Ashwagandha is a performance enhancing adaptogen that supports strength and vitality.

The empower bar is infused with effective and highly bioavailable KSM-66 Ashwagandha so you can unwind and restore that monkey mind of yours.

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Feel Revitalized

Our Ceremonial Grade Matcha provides an abundance of amino acids with naturally occurring caffeine (65mg/bar). 

Yup, our revitalize bar has as much caffeine as an espresso because we want you to know what a clean energy boost feels like without the crash.

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Feel Relaxed

We went overseas for this one... Kava Kava is a root naturally grown in Fiji that has extremely calming effects. 

The relax bar is made using a pure kava tea to help alleviate stress and promote deep restful sleep.

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Feel Balanced

Maca root is an adaptogen that has been known to support stamina and endurance.

The balance bar is soulfully crafted with organic golden maca because let's be honest... everyone needs a little balance.

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Feel Focused

Lions Mane Mushroom is an adaptogenic mushroom that supports memory and focus while stimulating neurogenesis (production of brain cells). 

Our focus bar is infused with organic Lions Mane to support cognitive function. Name one person that doesn't need this... we'll wait.

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