The Feel Bar Story

The Feel Bar Story

Introducing Mike, a food fanatic, health nut, and yogi. Matt (the master chef) and Melissa (lead designer). We are the founders of The Feel Bar. This is our story...

My name is Mike, I was raised in a traditional Italian household where we frequently bonded over home cooked meals. The food was made from scratch, it was something I looked forward to every Sunday.

Knowing our meals came from the garden gave our family the confidence to say "Buon Appetito!" every meal.

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I craved the food, family bonding and most importantly, that special feeling it created.

I graduated from Michigan State with a packaging degree and right out of the gate was given an opportunity at Kellogg as a packaging engineer. The experience was invaluable, I got to work cross-functionally with brand managers, developers and food scientists to watch and facilitate product growth from start to finish.

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I was simply obsessed with the process and felt the urge to combine my valued experience at Kellogg with something that just “felt right”. Clean nutrition has always been at the pinnacle of my focus and feeling good is simply a byproduct of deciding to eating right.

I wanted to make that choice easy, something your body would digest with ease, something functional for the mind, something that made me actually feel good after eating.

My ChemE friend Matt (co-founder) started supporting me on the weekends, tweaking recipes, hand making bars in my kitchen for farmers markets.

Our mastermind of a designer, Melissa, brought the brand and packaging to life!

The Feel Fam was born, shortly thereafter, The Feel Bar was born.

The Feel Bar lineup Vegan Gluten Free Soy Free Nut Free Grain Free GMO Free No Syrups No Palm Oils No Gums

Prepare to Feel the difference...

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